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Save Time, Save Money with FCS Online

Performing lien searches, preparing and UCC’s – these tasks represent a small but time-consuming part of your job. First Corporate Solutions' web-based system (FSC Online) provides the tools you need to carry out these tasks quickly and affordably online.

Become an FCS Online user and enjoy:

  •  Instant lien search results with no rush fees
  •  24/7 online access to UCC and lien data
  •  Online search history saved for 90 days
  •  Reduced statutory fees with UCC E-filing
  •  Free lapse date tracking for all UCC’s

Ready to start saving? Contact us to schedule a free online system demonstration.

About First Corporate Solutions, Inc.
First Corporate Solutions (FCS) specializes in the research, retrieval and filing of public records nationally and internationally. We provide our customers with accurate, timely and cost-effective solutions that empower them to evaluate prospects and close transactions with confidence.

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